Victoria's Top 5 Mountain Bike Trails

Your next adventure awaits as you discover some of Victoria’s magnificent bike trails.

  1. You Yangs

    Approximately 55km south-west of Melbourne the You Yangs Regional Park is every mountain biker’s dream. The trail that has something for everyone and that’s why it’s our number one destination. Whether you love the challenge of Victoria’s most demanding uphill track or a cruise along a dirt trail you’ll find it here. Whether you love tree dodging or dusty rocky thrills it’s all in one place. You Yangs is the best location for pushing yourself to the next extreme. The trail is 44km varying in difficulty throughout the duration. There are a range of shorter options which cater for all mountain biker’s skills. The park is free to enter.

  2. Forrest

    A small town hidden in the Otway Ranges offers an enormous range of fun on your mountain bike. Make sure you dent your spokes before adventuring into this trail! Catering to all your mountain biking needs, if you want a fun leisurely cycle amongst gorgeous nature or if you’re looking for a brutal reality hit with your fitness levels you’ll find it at Forrest. A world class trail that hosts all bikers from beginners to experts, there are 16 trails to choose from. Keep your eyes wide open as you’ll definitely run into gorgeous wildlife. Sixteen trails and animals? That’s why Forrest takes our number two spot.

  3. Erica MTB Park

    Right next to Mount Baw Baw, Erica is infamous for their mountain bike trails. The course is split into two; eastern and western trails. Western is composed of five different tracks, two intermediate, three difficult and one extreme. Whereas, the eastern contains two intermediate and one difficult trail. In total 30km of fun to be had which makes the journey to Erica totally worth it! Designed for all the speed, adrenaline and jumping freaks Erica will definitely get your heart racing.
  4. Arthurs Seat MTB Park

    ‘Get off road and out amongst it’
    Arthur’s Seat has two main tracks; western and northern catering for experienced to beginners. In total 32km of hardcore loops, jumping and steep drops to be had at Arthur;s Seat. There are so many trails to choose from your options are endless. A tough and challenging track will see you coming back for more every weekend. Parking is available via Boundary Road Dromana, Arthurs Seat Road and Seawinds Gardens.
  5. Stonefly

    Stonefly is the new Mt Buller track designed by World Trail’s Glen Jacobs. Riding at 1420 metres above sea level provides you with the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever witness. Snaking its way through bridges, creeks, waterfalls and lots of rocks you will definitely have earned those views. ‘What comes up must come down’ as you reach the very top, prepare yourself for the downhill run. A total of 10km will see your adventure last 1-2 hours of complete fun. Recommended for intermediate and expert mountain bikers.


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