E-SPRESSO i8 Matt Black

E-SPRESSO i8 Matt Black

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Discover the luxury of commuting with the XDS E-Spresso i8. Ride with Pedal Assistance for up to 75km with a Bafang Mid-Drive electric motor and a 36V Li-Ion battery with Panasonic cells. The Shimano Nexus 8-Speed internal hub gear looks sleek and is easily maintained. Have confidence in Suntour Nex Suspension fork, strong Alloy frame, and Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes.


Luxuriate through your commute on the effortless XDS E-Spresso i8. Specially designed with a Shimano Nexus hub gear, the i8 aims to be the most uncomplicated E-Bike available, with smooth gear shifting and minimal maintenance. Pedal Assist System (PAS) enabled electric motor amplifies your pedalling power making cycling effortless. Additional features like suspension forks and low-step-through frame offer riders unparalleled comfort throughout their commute.

Every pedal is amplified by the Bafang Max-01 PAS Mid-Drive Electric Motor. The motor sends torque through the drivetrain to more efficiently assist your pedalling up to speeds of 25km/h. Coupled with a 36V Lithium-Ion battery with Panasonic cells, you’ll be supported on the road up to 75km between charges.

Take charge of the Bafang Mid-Drive system with the easy to use Bafang LCD display. Select between 0-5 power levels of pedal assistance, and track crucial trip data like your speed, distance, and time on the bike.

Find a phenomenal range of gear ratios with 5 levels of power assist paired with an 8-Speed Shimano Nexus hub gear. The hub gear offers the simplest drivetrain available, minimising maintenance by shielding gears from debris on the road. The clever GearSensor reduces your risk of damaging the drivetrain by briefly cutting off your motor every time you shift gears.

The added comfort of Suntour Nex suspension forks absorbs the blows of the road, keeping you comfortable and stable, even just riding along suburban streets.

More than just comfortable, the E-Spresso i8 prizes safety with Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes. Disc brakes are more reliable than rim brakes in wet conditions, and hydraulic disc brakes offer greater control for less effort than their mechanical counterparts.

The Lightweight Low-Step-Through alloy frame further highlights the E-Spresso i8’s commitment to safety and accessibility, with improved manoeuvrability and simplicity in mounting and dismounting.

Ride for the necessity and stay for the luxury with the XDS E-Spresso i8.